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Treatment For Herpes

When you hear a person say that he or she has herpes…the thing that would enter your mind is that this person has sores and lesions in his or her genital area—the thing is, there are two types of herpes simplex virus.

HSV 1 or Herpes Simplex Virus 1 causes oral herpes—the one responsible for mouth sores and herpes chancres.

HSV 2 on the other hand is the one responsible for Genital Herpes—the more common form and the more widespread form of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

There is no definite treatment for herpes as this viral infection, once inside your body can be very hard to vanquish.

But surely, we can control the symptoms. Most of the treatment for herpes is banked on controlling their signs and symptoms and preventing their exacerbation.

However, in my opinion if you successfully banish the symptoms from your body and prevent yourself from ever having an outbreak are you not technically herpes free?

That’s why a diligent follower of these treatment for herpes can, in my opinion consider themselves herpes free. Keep in mind that you should always inform your sexual partner and use protection to limit the spreading of this virus.

Now with that out of the way lets get to some natural ways to limit your herpes.

Keeping the Area Clean and Dry. A moist environment can harbor growth of bacteria and viruses. Keeping your genital and anal areas dry at all times will keep them from growing and spreading. After using the toilet or after taking the shower, take an ample time in keeping it dry!

Eat Protein Rich Foods. Amino acids, more specifically Lysine, have been found to reduce the attack and prevent the persistent outbreaks of herpes. You can get amino acids and lysine from protein rich foods like fish and beef as well as beans, and other legumes.

Herbal and Homeopathic Lotions and Creams. Due to the chemicals that can be found in ointments found in pharmacies, making use of all natural and herbal topical solutions are growing trends regarding treatment for herpes. Not only are these creams made from natural ingredients, they are also least likely to cause the viruses to develop resistance to drugs.

Special diets may also be included in the treatment plan, focusing on avoiding foods that cause outbreaks. Most of all, be sure you protect yourself when engaging in sexual activities. By using protection, you also protect your partner from acquiring the said disease.

Besides the aforementioned treatment for herpes listed above there’s one guide that I highly recommend, and in fact it changed my life, I’ve provided the link below to my favorite all natural herpes treatment book, take a few moments to read through the page and you wont be disappointed. Lastly, Id just like to add something on a personal note: don’t let anything get you down when it comes to herpes, it CAN be controlled if you stay diligent! Good luck!

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