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Lessons Learned by Living with Herpes

Living with herpes presents its own challenges, but it doesn’t have to riddle your life with anxiety and fear.

Many patients have figured out how to get some quality of life with herpes, but it just takes some self education, and reaching out to knowledgeable doctors and those who have been living with herpes to help you get a stronger grip on your life.

Herpes is a form of virus that usually affects the skin, lips and genitals, but if you aren’t careful it can be spread to other areas of the body.

It is a virus that is spread through physical contact and is mainly spread through sexual intercourse, but can also be spread during the delivery process at birth.  This is the least common method by which it can be spread.

It is possible for people to have the virus and not be aware of it.

Blisters or sores may show up, but it’s not always immediate so it’s easy to see how someone can pass it onto another and not realize it.

The best way to prevent this from happening is simply by considering carefully who you are in a relationship with, and by abstaining from sexual contact until you are in a long term relationship with someone.  While nothing is foolproof, it is certainly a better option.

Living with herpes can present many emotion and social challenges.

Many who suffer from herpes live in fear that they may not be able to enter into a relationship with someone new, and if they are dating they fear that once they tell them the relationship will end.

The only way to enter into a new relationship is to be honest about the fact that you have herpes, and what you are doing to treat it.

Before becoming intimate with someone it’s best to tell them the truth.  The golden rule applies here, because if it were up to you, you would want the other person to be honest with you too.

While there is no cure for herpes, it certainly can be treated with medicine.  The medicines used to treat herpes are what we call “anti-viral” medicines.

These medicines are used to treat viral conditions and are assigned to different groups.  Some are also called antimicrobial which will ward off parasites and have anti-fungal properties to them.

These drugs are designed to inhibit the growth of these organisms, but they really don’t eliminate them altogether.

Over time the medicine will calm down the symptoms, and can put you into a stage of remission but outbreaks are likely to occur.

Outbreaks are trigged by stressful environments and conditions that affect your nervous system.  It’s not possible to eliminate all stressors in life, but try to avoid it as much as possible if you can.  Try to balance your life with working hard but playing harder.

Most patients promote safe sex and using protection because they don’t want anyone to go through what they are going through.

They want people to not have to deal with the painful genital warts and the fear that it produces of not being able to disclose this information to others.  Most patients are so embarrassed that they don’t even talk about this with their own families.

Those who live with herpes also know how important it is to tell your partner this so that they are aware.  Some people have contracted herpes unknowingly because their partners weren’t honest with them, and that alone is completely selfish and harmful to others and can dramatically ruin their future.

Many patients begin suffering from depression and sadness as the reality sets in that they have a disease for life that will not go away.

The hardest part of living with herpes is knowing that you are now strapped with a sexually transmitted disease.  A sexually transmitted disease is forever and once you have sex with someone they may experience forever too in the same way, so consider this as you make your  choice when it comes to partners.  After all, life is all about choices.

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