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Herpes in the Eyes

Herpes of the eye is a viral infection characterized by the scarring and inflammation to the cornea.  This disease is better known as Herpes keratitis.

This infection is caused by the invasion of herpes simplex virus in the body. When this virus enters our body it affects various parts of our body.

When it shows unpleasant symptoms on the oral area, the condition is called oral herpes. When the virus shows its signs on the genitals of male and female, it is called genital herpes.

Similarly, when the signs of this virus appear in the eyes, the condition is called eyes herpes infection. This disease causes inflammation on the cornea of the eye.

Further, some infected people also witness the development of cold sore on the eye. This is a highly contagious virus. It can easily spread through forms of physical contacts with an infected person.

Forms of eye herpes

The condition of Herpes of eye can range from a simple infection on the eye to permanent blindness. The severity of this infection varies from one carrier o another.

There are different forms of eye herpes that vary in terms of their intensity.

Herpes Keratitis: This disease is one of the most common forms of eye herpes.

This viral infection majorly affects the topmost layer or the epithelium region of the cornea.

This is comparatively less severe form eye herpes. It generally manifests without any form of visible symptom. It does not cause the scarring of the eyes.

Stromal Keratitis: This is a severe form of eyes herpes.

This condition occurs when the infection penetrates deeper into the layers of the cornea.

In such a situation, symptoms become well visible to the other person. Some of the most observed signs are scarring, reduction of vision, occasional blindness.

According to experts this condition erupts when the meek immune system does not combat with the infection at its initial stages.

According to NEI reports, the main cause of corneal scarring is stromal keratitis. If this condition is not brought to the notice of a medical practitioner, it may lead to absolute blindness as well.

Iridocyclitis: This is a serious form of the eye herpes infection. In this situation, the iris and its surrounding tissues undergo inflammation.

Further, the eyes become extremely sensitive to light. In a few cases, herpes in the eye is also accompanied by blurred vision along with perpetual redness in the eye. Iridocyclitis is a typical form of uveitis that damages the front portions of the inner side of the eye.

When the reach of the infection penetrates into the retina, the condition is called herpes retinitis. There are varied symptoms associated with the eye herpes outbreak.

Severe and sudden pain is one of the most common symptoms. Other characteristic signs of this disease are swelling around the eye.

Unusual build-up of tears, irritation accompanied by pain, eye sores, flow of watery discharge etc are some more signs of the infestation of HVS virus. In some cases, people also feel the sensation of a foreign body.

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