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Genital Herpes Triggers

Do you believe you influence when and how outbreaks occur? Or do you think your body just does as it pleases and chooses when an genital herpes outbreak will happen? And why do some people get outbreaks all the time while others don’t? 

Simply put, you and your psychology  about herpes are the main influence on your body and when it will trigger an outbreak. 

Genital herpes outbreaks in men and woman are caused by many factors;

The main triggers for a Genital Herpes outbreak is STRESS! 

ASHA’s survey and a study done at the University of Glamorgan, S. Wales, UK and Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK  indicated that stressful situations can have a significant influence on the activation of the herpes virus. Other triggers for causing Genital Herpes outbreaks are:

    • Stress, emotional or physical
    • Fatigue
    • Menstrual cycle
    • Drinking a lot of alcohol
    • Poor nutrition
    • Being run down
    • Sickness

Managing your triggers will help minimize or eliminate future outbreaks.

Take note of whats happening in your life when you start to get signs and symptoms of genital herpes and this can help to manage these triggers.

How to manage your triggers to avoid future outbreaks :

Depending on what your triggers are depend on what you can do about it. The psychology of men with genital herpes is different to the psychology of woman with genital herpes.

Simply men and woman think differently, therefore they will have different triggers. 

You may find woman with genital herpes get more outbreak due to emotional stress where a man with genital herpes may get outbreaks due to physical stress.

When looking how to manage your herpes triggers you need to look at what was happening 2-3 days before symptoms started showing for an outbreak to find out exactly what triggered you genital herpes outbreak. 

For example:

A woman is having stress and pressure on her at work daily, but then her boss tells her she has 2 days to complete a project that was due in a week.

The woman goes into over drive, she starts working longer hours, worrying and stressing she wont get it done. She may skip meals, sleep less and put stress on her body to complete the task. The combine factors trigger and outbreak.

But how could she have avoided this?

This is what happens day to day right? Of course.

But there is a simple Genital Herpes treatment that can help with day to days or severe stresses that suppress the herpes virus permanently, you will forget you have genital herpes.

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